Hello my name is Angela.

I just wanted to take a mome">

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Hello my name is Angela.

I just wanted to take a moment to
introduce myself to you all and let you get to know me a little.

So my have a partner called Simon
and we have been together a few years now.  We have a 4 year daughter
together.  I also have an almost 16 year son and Simon has 2 other
children from a previous relationship.  

So as you can see we are a pretty
big blended family. I won't tell you how many brothers and sisters I have, save
that for later lol.

I turned 40 last year, and they
say life begins at 40 and I thought to myself that there has to be more to life
than the school run and my 9-5.  I've always been interested in property
and despite owning my own home (and Simon has owning his own flat) have never
seem to be able to get on the property investors ladder. 

But since turning fabulous 40, I
said to my family, I'm gonna do this I'm gonna be the property investor that
I've always wanted to be and I'm gonna make enough money so we can move into
our dream house.

So watch this space, follow me on
my journey, check out my property website https://adskproperties.wordpress. com/ and help me help you.


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